Some People Think *This* Makes Britain’s Got Talent A ‘Fix’

Britain’s Got Talent is making headlines again with more ‘fix’ claims.

Singer Beau Dermott found herself at the centre of ‘cheating’ controversy a few weeks ago, with both her family and the talent show wasting no time in hitting back to deny such ‘ridiculous’ rumours.

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Now, reports are claiming that Craig Ball was put on the show by an agency.

The impressionist wowed audiences with his take on the much-loved Family Guy characters, as well as other incredible pop culture references. But it seems that some are looking at how he came to be on the show in the first place.

Reports claim that he was contacted by a talent agency back in January after being scouted from his YouTube videos – which, by the way, are amazing.

During Saturday’s show, he told the panel: ‘I’ve had people tell me I should come on and I thought finally maybe I should do it for myself because I don’t usually believe in myself. And now I feel I do.’

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Responding to the controversy surrounding the claims, a spokeswoman told the Daily Star, ‘He was still required to audition’. 

According to The Metro, someone from BGT also said, ‘BGT does encourage acts to apply but any such acts are required to audition on the same basis as any other applicant and normal programme rules apply.’

Following the show, Craig tweeted his gratitude to the BBC talent show, writing, ‘Thank you so much @BGT @SimonCowell @AleshaOfficial @AmandaHolden @davidwalliams there are no words to describe my happiness right now #bgt.’

Aw, good for him.

He’s already drumming up support on social media. Tweets included: ‘Already want Craig Ball to win #BGT’ and ‘Craig Ball was class!!’

He would only have been asked to take part in the show because of his talent, which he clearly has in bucket-loads.

So let’s all focus on that instead, shall we?