There Was Something Wrong With The BGT Finale

Britain’s Got Talent hasn’t gone without controversy this year, so it’s only apt that the finale caused yet another row on Twitter.

But what was it about this time? Winner magician Richard Jones? The fact that this year’s finale drew in the show’s lowest audience ever? Nope, it was something else entirely.

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The huge debate caused by the finale actually centred around the 10 year celebration performance, that featured a selection of BGT’s most popular acts.

Except, where were all the women? Because whilst we were treated to performances from Diversity, George Sampson and Collabro, there was barely a female in sight.



And viewers were not impressed.

‘Were no women available for the best of #bgt then?’ one viewer tweeted.

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‘Well, @AshleyBanjo @BGT that 10 year anniversary act was a right sausage-fest! Where were the women? #BGTFinal #BGT’, another slammed.

Another wrote: ‘Where are the women in all 10 years?!?!? A stage of men in the memories.’



In fact, Ashleigh (and her adorable pooch Pudsey) was one of the only females respresenting the ladies corner on the night.

Humph. We’re sure they could have found a few more talented women from over the years, eh?