Something Went Very, Very Wrong On Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent could have got seriously dangerous over the weekend.

The BBC talent competition is known for it’s weird and wonderful acts, but the show’s semi final saw an act almost go very, very wrong.

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Magic act Ben Blaque asked judge Alesha Dixon onto the stage to be his glamorous assistant (totally fitting the bill in a slinky red dress, obvs), but the crossbow roulette took a scary turn when a technical fault almost resulted in an injury live on the stage.




Alesha had to pull a lever, which fired sharp arrows in the magician’s direction. Ben was tied to a board, just to add to the drama.

The device malfunctioned at the beginning of the routine, firing two blades unexpectedly at the board.


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The audience gasped in shock, but Ben put on a brave face, making it to the end of his act. And all was completed safely, without injury.


At the end, Simon said, ‘I think the fact that it went wrong made it better. I personally would not trust Alesha to pull the handle and fire an arrow at me.



‘But in a strange way, by Alesha being an idiot and accidentally releasing two arrows, it made the act better.’

Goodness. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, Si.

We’re just relieved that everyone was okay.