Keira Knightley has joined the YouTube campaign, encouraging us all to vote on 23rd June

These Celebs Really Want You To Vote Next Week

When it comes to the EU referendum, it’s hard to decipher the facts. Every day we’re bombarded by the opinions of politicians and public figures, all trying to sway our vote, while it remains difficult to sift out a completely objective viewpoint from all the noise. Maybe such a thing doesn’t exist. Either way, a variety of famous faces have joined the debate with one overriding message for us all: whatever your opinion, just vote.

Keira Knightley, Vivienne Westwood, Lily Cole and Immy Waterhouse have all taken part in a YouTube series encouraging us all to vote next Thursday, 23rd June. Entitled #DontF***MyFuture, the campaign emphasises the fact that ‘it only takes five seconds to mark an X in a box’ reminding us of the importance of our involvement.

Keira tells us ‘it only takes five seconds to practise the perfect awards face’ while Lily Cole says it only takes her five seconds to stretch her legs. Immy Waterhouse only takes five seconds to scramble an egg and Poppy Jamie takes five seconds to pick a Snapchat filter. All of which takes the same time as marking an ‘X’ in the ballot box on 23rd June.

Meanwhile, Alexa Chung has voiced her opinion via Instagram, along with a photo of herself outside Downing Street: “Hi, I’m IN. Either way PLEASE remember to vote. #INcrowd.” Alexa shares her opinion with over 250 other celebrities who all signed an open letter to The Guardian, urging voters to back the remain campaign. 


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Alexa Chung Brexit Alexa Chung posted this picture to Instagram, voicing her support for the remain campaign


Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena Bonham Carter, Paloma Faith, Jude Law and Bill Nighy have all put their names to the letter, which says: “Britain is not just stronger in Europe, it is more imaginative and more creative, and our global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away.” You can read the full letter here.

Over in the leave camp, along with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, are the likes of Sir Michael Caine and Joan Collins, the latter tweeting her support in a series of emojis (obviously).

Joan Collins Brexit Joan Collins has tweeted her support for Brexit


If you’re still unsure about how to vote (and don’t worry- you’re not alone) then you can find some helpful information here. But however you vote on 23rd June, just make sure you put your ‘X’ in the box.

After all, it only takes five seconds.