So *This* Is What Brendan Dassey Looks Like Now

With all of the hype that’s still surrounding the Making A Murderer documentary series, it’s no surprise that we’re finding out new information with every passing day. 

The story of Steven Avery and his trial for the tragic murder of Teresa Halbach has captured the minds of the world, with social media threads being dedicated to picking apart the evidence.

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But perhaps the most gripping piece of this crime puzzle is the story of Brendan Dassey, Steven’s nephew. 


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It was in the November of 2005 that Avery was first charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Brendan Dassey was later charged for involvement several months later, after he implicated himself during police interrogation.



Making a Murderer describes Brendan as learning disabled. According to the Post-Crescent and a Department of Justice brief, Dassey’s lawyers argue that his age and intellectual abilities would have prevented him from resisting psychological interrogation tactics.

Watching the 10-part series, it’s easy to forget that the events actually happened years and years ago – it took ten years to film it, after all.

The series shows a 16-year-old boy – as he was only a teenager at the time of filming.

It’s not until you reach the final installments that you learn of Steven and Brendan’s fate; they’ve both been in prison for the entire time that we’ve been binge-watching. So he’s not sixteen anymore, guys. 

Dassey’s cousin Carla Chase routinely takes to Twitter to share updates about him, one of the most recent being an up-to-date photograph.


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She also notified the public that Brendan was moved from Green Bay Correctional Institution to Columbia Correctional Institution – where he served the early part of his sentence.

According to Carla, he was moved back to his first prison for ‘his safety’, leading many to speculate whether this came as a result of the popularity surrounding Making a Murderer.  

Laura Nirdier, Brendan’s lawyer, has revealed that Brendan hasn’t watched the series, but told Forbes that he’s beginning to grasp the hype, and is ‘hopeful’, ‘grateful’.

She finishes, ‘He wants his fair shot. That’s all.’