Brendan Cole Wants Everyone To Know He’s Definitely Not Dead

A bizarre news report about the Strictly Come Dancing professional emerged yesterday...

In the oddest news of the day, Brendan Cole has announced that he’s, er, not dead.

The Strictly Come Dancing professional felt forced to speak out after a bizarre news report emerged yesterday, which claimed that he’d passed away in the early hours of the morning. Creepy.

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He Tweeted: ‘Ok…Very disturbing.. I have just been informed that I am dead! Horrified & bemused. Ps…I’m very much still alive! Holy S***!’

Brendan has been suffering from a bout of ill health recently. After he came down with a chest infection last week, fellow dancer Gorka Marquez replaced him in Strictly rehearsals with his partner Anastacia.

While he’s not exactly on his death bed (PHEW), it’s still touch and go as to whether he’ll be able to perform this weekend.

brendan cole

Brendan Cole has been dancing with Anastacia

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In a statement posted to his website this morning, he explained: ‘Last week, as the season changed into Autumn, I, like many across the UK developed a bit of a cold. As it was just a cold, I continued practicing with Anastacia leading up to our Rumba on Strictly last Saturday. As the week went on I got a little worse and by Thursday it had annoyingly gone to my chest.

‘After suffering a Pneumonia in February of this year during my tour, I guess my lungs weren’t up to full strength and my immune system not quite ready to deal with what would normally be just an innocuous cough.

@gorka_marquez and me sending @brendancoleinsta get well kiss,,,Working hard on our Quickstep #Strictly

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‘After a second visit to a doctor, more tests were done and a full examination. The Doctor advised me to have complete rest as it would be very easy (given the pneumonia earlier this year) for my chest infection to become worse. If the antibiotics do their job and I do hve the appropriate rest, we can make a decision on Friday as to whether I can take part in this weekend’s Strictly or not!

‘With this information I am pleased to say that I am following his advice and the lovely Gorka Marquez is stepping into my dancing shoes to train with Anastacia whilst I am recovering.


‘So far they are doing very well and continuing to train hard gearing up for Saturday. All being well I will be back on the dancefloor this weekend with Anastacia and we (with Gorka’s brilliant help) can put in a great performance as if nothing has happened.

‘Should I not be ready, Gorka and Anastacia will perform their quickstep with me cheering them on from Claudia’s sofa or my own.

‘Let’s hope Anastacia, Gorka and I can do a great job on Saturday and get ourselves through to Halloween week (which is usually my favourite of teh series)! [sic].’

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Brendan!