9 Tips To Ensure You Take The Perfect ‘Breakfie’

Breakfie. We bet you’ve never heard the word before, but we’re also pretty sure you’ve done it.

A breakfie is a breakfast selfie, and they’ve become super-popular on Instagram. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to show off when they’re about to eat a posh (and scrummy) brekkie?!

But these photos aren’t as easy to take as you may think. In fact, there are some pretty clear guidelines you should be following.

Luckily for us, US fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur has teamed up with Hilton Hotels to give us some tips on taking the perfect breakfie…

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1) Think about the colour story, for example if serving a fresh bowl of fruit, choose to accentuate the red of the strawberry by adding matching florals or a few accoutrements in a similar shade.

2) Keep all the attention on the food.


3) Add some pretty accoutrements, such as cloth napkins, mini spoons and knifes for butter and jams and silver pots for coffee or tea.

4) If using a bed tray it must not only be stylish and beautiful, but practical as well.


5) Who doesn’t love flowers? A single stem in a small vase or a cute little bouquet in a jar.

6) Choose food that appeals to all the senses.

7) Lighting is crucial! Place the tray as close to the natural light source.


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8) Opt for natural light and not flash photography. Natural light helps to create a much softer, more inviting look and feel.

9) When it comes to sheets, make sure they are white to make the food and accents pop.  Also its important to ruffle the sheets to make it look slept in.


So there you go. Happy breakfie-ing!