Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Have A Domestic At Wimbledon

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk suffered every couple’s worst nightmare at Wimbledon yesterday – attempting to sort out a domestic in public.

The loved up couple have seemed totally smitten during the tennis tournament this year, turning up to multiple games and laughing and clapping their way thorugh the matches. The definition of love’s young dream.

But during yesterday’s Men’s Finals, Bradley was seen desperately trying to talk to his Sports Illustrated model girlfriend whilst she gave him the cold shoulder. And unfortunately for Brad, it was all captured on live TV.

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> Bradley was seen trying to get his girlfriend’s attention as she looked away from him


In a video uploaded onto Twitter from the BBC coverage, Bradley is seen staring intently at Irina as he tries to get her to look at him, whilst she rubs her eyes and looks straight ahead, TOTALLY ignoring him.

Oh, Bradley. WHAT have you done?!

And Wimbledon fans clearly picked up on the awkwardness, too: ‘It looks like Bradley Cooper is in the doghouse with Irina Shayk if this is anything to go by. Uh oh’, one viewer tweeted.

> Bradley eventually gave up as Irina gave him the cold shoulder


‘I’m obsessed with Irina Shayk’s “just wait until we get home” face and the slight fear in Bradley Cooper’, LOLed another.

It’s not clear what happened to spark the argument, but the pair did run into Bradley’s ex, Sukie Waterhouse, who was reportedly just a few seats away.

Eep. We hope this beautiful pair managed to sort it out in the end… (Watch the awks video here).

> Is Bradley in the doghouse?!