It’s Official: Bradley Cooper Is The Perfect Man

Is there anything this man can’t do? We swooned at his moves in ‘Silver Linings’, gripped the edge of our seats throughout every minute of ‘American Sniper’ and couldn’t help but snort with laughter at his worst ever ‘Hangover’. But did you know, Bradley Cooper really can cook?


In his latest role Bradley plays bad-boy chef Adam and he even learned to cook for the part. That’s some method acting we can really get down with. The Comedy-Drama tells the story of a Ramsey-esque chef, rocking a two Michelin star reputation, on the competitive Parisian restaurant scene. But when the culinary star moves to London, where the movie is set, Jones’ fast lane lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and explosive passion catch up with him. Now a stubborn attitude and burnt bridges  threaten to hold back Chef Adam Jones as he finds himself starting again.

“Burnt is a redemption story” explained Bradley in an on set interview, “We meet him [Adam] in the movie trying to put his life back together, but he’s doing it on his own, sort of white-knuckeling it. He’s trying to help his friend out with his restaurant and get a third Michelin star, because he’d achieved two before and, in the culinary world three Michelin stars is like winning the World Series four times over.”

> Bradley Cooper Burnt


And the explosive temper, sizzling passion and unwavering expectation for perfection are all because he’s really cooking! Those are real chefs acting as extras, that’s real fire on that stove and real amazing food, so yes, Bradley Cooper really is the perfect man. (As if you didn’t already know!)

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Bradley says he’s always had a love for food (us too! Gosh we have sooo much in common.) “Growing up in an Italian house hold, we just grew up with food being primarily what we talked about.” As a teenager he even worked as a prep cook in New Jersey where the hours may have been gruelling (starting at 5:30am working through to 6:30pm) but his love of food was clearly never squashed. Trained on set by renowned Chef and real life two- time Michelin star restaurant owner, Marcus Wareing, it was clear to the expert the boy had skills!

“You’re p***ing me off now! It took me years to get this good” said Bradley remembering Marcus’s frustrations at his talent.

> Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Burnt


A few critics may have dubbed the film as slightly ‘under baked’, but, with a star studded line up and chance to watch Bradley reunited with his American Snipper co-star Sienna Miller the food isn’t the only thing to sizzle on screen.

“I think this is some of her best work” Cooper said during an on set interview. “She’s done a lot of great stuff before, but she’s brilliant in this.”

The pair apparently adores working together and Sienna, who plays single mother and chef, Helene, even said she’d “do anything for him”. Just as well, as when describing the kitchen environment the actress likened the pressure and chaos to a war zone! The two even revealed that during the movie they really did suffer burns and cuts whilst taking on the extreme multi tasking of both cooking to such high standards and acting.

Burnt is released in the UK today, and all we’re saying is Gordon Ramsey better watch out…



By Hayley Thompson