Brad Pitt Hires Jamie Oliver For Xmas Dinner Help

Brad Pitt will apparently be treating his family to a very special Christmas dinner this year, with the help of his pal Jamie Oliver.

Angelina Jolie and the kids will be tucking in to a delicious meal, after Brad took some cooking lessons with Jamie in 2011.

Brad proved to be a less-than-able student, and so he’s apparently asked Jamie to help out on Christmas day this year. A source told The Sun:

Jamie has been pals with Brad since he was married to Jennifer Aniston and Ange likes him too. Jamie will be heading to their Surrey mansion to help prepare Christmas dinner. Brad asked him to do it after he begged Jamie for cookery lessons last year. Jamie tried to teach him but he’s useless in the kitchen.”

We hope that Jools and their kids are supportive of this plan, otherwise Jamie might be in a bit of trouble… BS