Brad Pitt Heads To Prison… You Won’t Believe This

Brad Pitt is gearing up for a trip behind bars in what might be the most mind-bending news we’ve heard all week.

But before you go adjusting your computer screens, let us explain – the 49-year-old Hollywood hunk is only heading to jail to nab some extras for his brand new World War II film, Fury.

Brad, who is currently shooting next to a high-security men’s prison in Hertfordshire, is reportedly keen to poach some inmates as movie extras in a bid to help them get back on the right track.

‘Brad is fascinated that the prison and 800 caged men are so close to where he’s working’, a source on set told the Daily Star.

‘He’s requested a visit to The Mount and has asked director David Ayers whether any of the prisoners could be used as extras as part of their rehabilitation and educational programme.’

The Mount prison may house potentially dangerous Category C prisoners – aka. those who ‘cannot be trusted in open conditions’ – but Angelina Jolie‘s ballsy other half is confident it’s a good move.

‘Despite the severity of some of the crimes the prisoners have committed, he wouldn’t be nervous at all about working with the inmates’, the insider added. ‘He’s someone who believes in second chances.’

What do you make of Pitt’s ambitious recruitment drive?

By Robyn Munson

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