18 Times We Fancied Brad Pitt With Bad Hair

Brad Pitt might now be in his 50s, but there’s no denying that most women are still pretty obsessed with the Hollywood hearthrob. That said, it’s hard to deny that he hasn’t had more than his fair share of bad haircuts during his time in the limelight.

1. “I’ll try bleached blonde.”

2. Bushy.

3. More bushy.

4. Too bushy.

5. Someone found the straighteners.

6. … And then the razor.

7. “Beachy blonde ringlets please.”

8. Because it looked so good the last time, let’s try bleached blonde again.

9. The “I’m serious” tash.

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10. That time he had a goatie that was that bit too long.

11. The slicked back “I’m Jack Nicholson” vibe.

12. “Bobs are back in right?”

13. “It might be time to get my roots done.”

14. “What will finish off my Backstreet Boys’ ‘do? I know, an earring!”

15. That time he auditioned for Legally Blonde.

16. How he made it with this ‘do, we’ll never know.

17. “Did I use too much gel?”

18. Back when tendrills were cool.

It’s safe to say, whatever Brad’s barber chooses to do with his hair, we still can’t stop our obsession.