Brangelina Nearly Never Happened

Can you remember a world without Brangelina? It’s hard to remember a time when this beautiful power couple didn’t grace the red carpet.

The Hollywood heavyweights have been a couple for over a decade now but back in 2005 they were merely colleagues. Brad and Angelina famously met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith when they starred opposite each other as assassins both assigned to the same mission. Soon after wrapping the film the couple supposedly got together, and the rest they say is history. The less said about the notorious love triangle with Jennifer Aniston the better, we reckon.

Mr and Mrs Smith The film where the couple met…


However, it appears life for both Brad and Angelina may have been very different. According to reports neither Brad nor Angelina were first choices when it came to casting for the film. They may have never even met!

Mr and Mrs Smith This might have never happened!


So, if Brad and Ange were not the director’s first choice for the parts of Jane and John Smith who did they have in mind? Well apparently it was Nicole Kidman & Johnny Depp. Crazy!

It has been confirmed that Nicole Kidman had to pull out of the movie when filming for The Stepford Wives ran over, and while we are not sure on the details of why Johnny Depp did not go on to play the male lead, multiple reports do seem to point to the fact he was the original choice.

Nicole Kidman Johnny Depp Mr and Mrs Smith The alternative Mr and Mrs Smith cast

So, if both Nicole and Johnny had stayed on board with the project would Brad and Angelina ever become Brangelina? Would we have the extensive Jolie-Pitt clan? Or maybe they would have met at a later stage?

The questions are endless. We’ll leave you to make your own speculations… 

By Elizabeth Bennett