A Boyzone And Westlife Supergroup Is Happening

Yep, you heard us right. Two of the biggest bands of the nineties are joining together to create the ultimate boy band. 

Well almost. If you were one of the many girls who lusted after these Irish lads back in the nineties, and were hoping for a full nine piece reunion, don’t get too excited yet. 
For the time being, Boyzlife will only have two members: Keith Duffy of Boyzone and Brian McFadden of Westlife. 


The duo is taking their two-piece on the road later this year, and the pair will complete an 11-date tour starting in London on October 16th. 

So, we bet you’re wondering, how did this reunion come about? Well, apparently the boys started scheming a plan when they saw each other last summer at fellow boy band member Ronan Keating’s wedding. 

“We all had a chat, the lads. We said it would be amazing,” Brian told The Sun. 
When asked about whether the seven other band members would be joining in on the fun, Brian seemed keen. 



“Not even just performing together, but can you imagine the craic? Nine of us Irish lads on a tour bus together, going round the world together. It would be absolute carnage. We all get on so well so you never know. We would have so much fun on tour,” Brian said.
“We could end up adding more people to the next one. Right now this is about me and Keith but the door is always open,” he continued. 
Die hard fans will be pleased to here that the tour will see the pair performing some of both Westlife and Boyzone’s biggest hits including the likes of Flying Without Wings and No Matter What.



However there is potential that Brian and Keith will also be writing some new music.
“We might end up writing some songs together.
“There’s no limit to this. We’re going out there with our ears and eyes open,” he added. 
By Elizabeth Bennett