The Black Moon Is Returning Tonight Which Is Great News, Say Astrologists

To a lot of people, horoscopes, universe energy and anyone that describes themselves as a ‘astrologist’ in their Twitter bio have all been filed in the ‘nonsense’ folder’ in their brains. Understandably so but with common sense being put in the electric chair via Brexit and Planet Trump, we need to be more accepting of people’s beliefs more so than ever.

That’s the ‘don’t be a dick’ disclaimer out the way, let’s talk about this rad Black Moon (Not a Twilight reboot, by the way).

Brace your brain caves, there’s a plume of science coming your way. The Black Moon is simply the occurrence of two new moons in a single month. A Blue Moon is where you get two full moons in one month – this is the opposite.

The sky will be pretty dark tonight as the moon passes through the same part of the sky as the sun with its dark side facing us on earth. Because of the Black Moon, September will be bookended by two intensely dark nights.

The skies will be in prime condition for star-gazing since there will be little to no light pollution! If you’re reading this in the Eastern Hemisphere, you’ll have to wait until the next month. Beyond that we’ll have to wait until July 2019.

So that’s the half for the scientifically┬áminded, now for the spiritual stuff.

Apart from being super-duper spooky, new moons are heavily associated with personal growth in Paganism. According to Refinery29: “Because the new moon is essentially invisible to the naked eye, this phase represents the moon’s represents the moon’s moment of rebirth”.

The spiritual communities describe this as a time to reflect on making some positive changes in your life. The Black Moon offers the experience of going through this feeling twice which encourages optimism but also faith in oneself.

black moon

Like every branch of spirituality, faith or belief, it’s totally down to you and your interpretations. If it makes you feel better, some pagans believe the Black Moon represents the end of days so read into it how you wish.