Birch Water: The Drink That Detoxes Your Body With Every Sip

It blitzes cellulite, detoxes the body, makes an amazing hangover cure, can improve the condition of your teeth and reduce your cholestrol levels… Yep, birch water has SO many health benefits we want to be guzzling it all the time.

Tapped from the centre of birch trees, the water claims to help rid the body of toxins more efficiently than any other. It supports the functioning of the liver and kidneys, and allegedly even reduces cholesterol levels. It’s packed full of minerals and vitamins, boosting the immune system and revitalising the body; making it the perfect hangover drink.

Tasting slightly sweet, in its raw form it consists of electrolytes, macronutrients and potassium. Those who drink it regularly say it has helped with everything from headaches to eczema and it’s diuretic properties are said to flush out toxins, including those that cause cellulite to form.

In fact, this liquid is SO wondrous Nordic folk used to write poems praising its cleansing properties and cosmetic benefits.

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Of course, a little bottle of water cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise so don’t go supping on it with a side of chips and cheese. But every little helps, right?

However, unless you’re lucky enough to have a birch tree in your garden, it is pretty pricy – at £2.50 for 250ml.