Binky Confirms Her Pregnancy To Shocked Friends In The New MIC Trailer

The boys and girls had *very* different reactions to the news...

Series 13 (seriously, how did that happen?) of Made In Chelsea is back. With a BUMP. A pregnancy bump.

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The new batch of MIC eps is about to hit our screens and the trailer is everything we wanted and more. Mainly thanks to Louise Thompson et al’s brilliantly shocked faces.


Stephanie Pratt was lost for words

Binky, who is pregnant with her first child, chooses to tell her posh pals she’s carrying a mini JP/Binks while the girls are in a café.

Handing over her scan to Rosie Fortescue, Binky explains that the baby in the blurry image is in fact hers. Much to the surprise of Louise, Rosie and Stephanie Pratt who literally has no words. Overall the girls are happy for their BFF, giggling and congratulating the mum-to-be.

Over on the other side of Chelsea Josh ‘JP’ Patterson is doing exactly the same with the boys. The lads’ reaction is very different to the girls’. Jamie Laing actually puts his head in his hands, sighing, “Oh mate.”

Jamie Laing literally could not deal

Binky’s best friend Ollie Locke is super supportive, happily exclaiming, “I can’t believe you’re going to have a baby!”

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We’re sure Binky’s bubba will be the best-dressed kid in SW1 when he/she eventually arrives. Imagine the baby shower!

Want to watch the full trailer? Make yourself a brew and click here.