People Are Intrigued By This Part Of Binky Felstead’s Body

We all know Binky Felstead is a total stunner.

But unfortunately for the Made In Chelsea lady, 26, there’s something about her appearance that’s caused a teeny bit of controversy.

Binky’s had quite a transformation since MIC began back in 2011. It’s no secret that she’s stepped up her fitness game, and hasn’t shied away from showcasing the results on Instagram.

Binky Felstead isn’t shy about showing off her fit bod


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But it’s not her toned physique that people have been commenting on. Instead, it’s her lips.

When the pretty brunette shared an Instagram selfie from Cannes, France this week – where she and her castmates are currently filming the new series – people couldn’t help commenting on her pout.

It was *this* image that got people talking


One wrote: ‘Omg Binky what have you done to your lips, you was stunning before…some people need it but you certainly looked better before xxx [sic].’

Other comments included: ‘No binks!! What have you done to your lips!?’ and: ‘Binks you an absolute beauty…but please no trout pout!!’

Hmmm. It’s true that Binky’s mouth does look a little more plumped-up than it used to. But we reckon we’ve got an explanation for that.

Binky Felstead looked pretty different back in 2012


Binky actually faced similar speculation back in April. But she was quick to clear things up, captioning one of her images: ‘liplinernotinjected !!!’

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This photo caused a stir earlier this year


So with that in mind, we’re guessing she’s using a similar liner method now. We think we need you to teach us the ways, lady…

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that Binks is looking ah-mazing. And the rest of her fans agree.


She’s received messages such as: ‘You look beautiful.. Xx,’ ‘She’s a babe,’ and: ‘You look so pretty.’

Ooh. We’re too excited to see what the MIC crew get up to over the channel…