Things Are *Not* Good Between Binky Felstead And Nicola Hughes

Nicola has admitted that Binky is 'angry', and Binky's posted a cryptic Instagram message...

Uh-oh. It looks like things have soured between Nicola Hughes and Binky Felstead.

The Made In Chelsea ladies have always been pretty good pals, despite the fact that Nicola went out with Binky’s ex Alex Mytton.

We mean, that could’ve been pretty awkward, right? But it’s MIC, so the usual dating rules don’t really apply.

Made In Chelsea's Binky and Nicola are totally BFFs now...

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Anyway, Nicola and Alex have now split up. And if you tuned into this week’s MIC: Cannes, you’ll know that it wasn’t exactly mutual.

In fact, Nicola has branded the 26-year-old a ‘vile, gross human’. Eep.

Nicola Hughes Bikini

Nicola Hughes and Alex Mytton recently ended their relationship

Basically, Alex announced that he’d ended his and Nicola’s romance via text. Oh, and he’d also slept with co-star Olivia Bentley just days before.

So it’s not exactly surprising that Nicola’s keen to take her mind off her cheating ex. However, she’s managed to seriously pee off Binky, 26, in the process.

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nicola hughes

MIC’s Nicola Hughes has let rip about her ex, Alex Mytton…

Nicola recently told new!: ‘I have been on dates with one of Binky’s exes, who she dated two years ago. He’s not in the public eye. She’s so angry about it.

‘I hate arguing with people. I would like to reconcile. It’s a silly fight.’

The man in question is still a mystery, and Binky’s yet to speak out about the situation. But she has posted a pretty cryptic Instagram quote.

Gotta handle everything with class … ?

A photo posted by Binky Felstead (@binkyfelstead) on

The message reads: ‘How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects to be enraged,’ and she’s added the caption: ‘Gotta handle everything with class…’

Of course, fans were quick to wonder whether this could be about the Nicola sitch.

One wrote: ‘Definitely about Nicola ?,’ while another said: ‘Nicola rage.’

Binky Felstead

Stephanie Pratt’s had her say…

Making things even more mysterious is the fact that the pair’s MIC co-star Stephanie Pratt has got involved.

She’s added the simple comment: ‘Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ????.’

Hmmm. We think we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this one…