So What *Is* Going On With Binky And JP On Social Media?

Binky Felstead and her boyfriend Josh Patterson, more fondly known as JP, have been giving us relationship goals over on Made In Chelsea.

After a slightly shaky start, Chelsea’s resident nice guy finally uttered those three special words to his girlfriend. And our hearts MELTED.

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But since the latest installment of drama aired, it seems that Josh has incurred the wrath of Binky’s fans. And it’s all down to his social media behaviour, apparently.

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Sure, his Instagram is chock-a-block with super-buff topless selfies. But, it seems that these aren’t the problem.

Josh took to Twitter to vent his frustration, telling his followers, ‘Deleting a photo on social media of work you’re proud of because senseless fans don’t read the caption. Small minded people aren’t we…’

He followed his statement with a series of angry face emojis.

Binky and JP are going strong

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We’re not exactly sure what this now-deleted snap contained, but girlfriend Binky soon came to his defence, so it couldn’t have been bad. 

The reality star hit back, ‘Sad that JP felt forced to take his picture down he is entitled to do whatever he wants.’

Hear, hear.


Fans who had missed the original Instagram dramz soon started asking what had occured, with others claiming that JP had uploaded a photo of himself with ‘another girl’ who might have been a ‘work colleague’.

Other comments included: ‘That’s ridiculous. It was obviously a work photograph’ and ‘People saying comments like poor Binky, Binky should dump you. You don’t treat her right! Ugh annoys me so much!’ [sic].

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We caught up with Binky recently, and she opened up about whether she finds the scrutiny of her relationship hard: ‘If you allow it to get to you, it is. I’ve done the show for five years now and you have to just build up a tolerance up to it.

‘There will always be ups and downs in every relationship, and if it’s on camera people are going to have an opinion. You can’t let the public get into your head.’

Aw. We love you guys!