Binky Felstead And JP Are DEFINITELY Back Together!

And not for the reason you night think…

When Josh ‘JP’ Patterson and Binky Felstead announced they were expecting a baby in January, they surprised us all. Made In Chelsea’s most on-off-on-off couple were taking a break from their relationship but have now decided to give things a go again.

binky bump

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Speaking to the MailOnline JP admitted when he found out Binks was pregs the pair were not in a relationship…

“When this first started out, we weren’t together. We came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to just automatically get back together just for the child. It had to be right for us.”

Since the announcement the couple have been spending more and more time together, making them realise how much they care about each other.

Binky and JP say they ‘never stopped loving each other’

“But it happens organically when you are suddenly spending more time together. Ad so now I’d say that, yes, we are back together.”

binky, bump

We’re feeling a bit giddy about this! Our faves back on and with a little bubs on the way!

As if we needed more proof, mumma-to-be Binky also said…

binky felstead, pregnant

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“We are beyond the boyfriend and girlfriend thing. A lot of people automatically thought that the baby could be a bad thing for our relationship, and that if we got together again it was just for the baby.”

Binks says the pair have always “loved each other” and revealed she fell pregnant “only a couple of weeks” after they broke up last year.