First Look: Binky Felstead’s In The Style Swimwear Range

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead is looking fitter than ever right now, so it’s pretty perfect timing that she’s releasing her first ever swimwear collection for In The Style

Considering the 25-year-old’s previous ranges with the brand sold out (natch), we couldn’t wait to see her new poolside-ready drop. Which is why we jumped at the chance to hang out with her on set of the shoot! And boy, we weren’t disappointed.

From the animal print bikini to the khaki green halterneck swimsuit with a chic waist tie (seriously flattering), Binky’s designs cater for every body shape and size, and are guaranteed to make you stand out.

> Black swimsuit, £32.99 Leopard Print Bikini, £29.98


There’s also a seriously cute black ruffle bikini and a plunging festival-inspired one-piece that would look amazing under a pair of denim cut-offs. Miaow.

With prices starting from £12.99, it’s also seriously affordable – Binky knows us well! And even better, you can shop it here FIRST (you’re welcome).

Hot swimwear aside, we also sat down with Binky to chat boyfriends and body demons. Over to you, lady…

> Khaki swimsuit, £29.99 Leopard print swimsuit, £35.99


Congrats on the new range Binky! Your previous ranges for sold out in record time. Why do you think your stuff is so popular?

Well it caters for everyone really – big boobs, small boobs, curvy, slim…

Why swimwear this time round?

I find it really hard to find bikinis that I think my body looks good in. So we’ve got swimsuits as well as bikinis. Swimsuits are really flattering. I like a patterned bikini top and black bottoms, I call it a Binkini. Oh my god, #binkini!

> Binky’s looking fitter than ever right now, and says exercising relieves her anxiety and stress


We love it! Which celebs would you put in each of you pieces?

Lucy Watson could totally wear the neon one, I’d put Kim K in the Khaki, Kate Middleton in the black bikini and Beyonce in the leopard print triangle bikini.

It takes a lot of guts to whip on a bikini, let alone to camera. How do you boost your body confidence?

Always have a spray tan before a shoot. Make sure your hair’s looking great, make up’s on point, nails are looking good. Go to the gym and get that water weight off.

> Binky admits that she’s not a huge fan of her hips (we think she looks incredible if you ask us)


Have you always gone to the gym?

I probably only started last year. I never thought I’d say I actually enjoy it but I do! It gets rid of my anxiety and stress and gets all the happy endorphins going. My trainer Tyrone is the best!

Have you ever suffered from any body demons?

My hips. I hate my hips. I’ll never be able to get rid of my hips because they’re bone but I wanna get them pushed down a bit.

> We’re eyeing up this sexy khaki number for our next summer holiday


Has becoming famous made your demons better or worse?

I care a lot more about what I look like. Also the girls on the show are all very naturally slim, whereas I’m quite naturally curvy. It’s just about taking care of yourself.

It’s hard enough for young girls to be comfortable and confident within their own skin, let alone on Instagram and TV….

Yeah, the thing is you just don’t look at the comments because everyone’s gonna be nasty about you whatever really.

What would you tell your 16-year-old self about body image?

What you put in your body affects how you feel. I used to hate exercise, I got taken the mick out off because I was never in the big teams. Treat yourself, a little bit of what you fancy does you good! I have cheat days! My go to naughty food is chicken Jalfrezi sag aloo with pilau rice.

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