Binky Felstead Hops Huge Relationship Hurdle With New Man

Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead has finally found love on screen with new man Alex Mytton, and things must be going well as Binky’s now spilled exclusively to LOOK that he’s even got the seal of approval from her fiesty boy-bashing mum! Nice work, Mytton.

SW3’s most laid-back lady told us that even though her and Alex haven’t been dating long, her formidable no-nonsense mum Jane is (thankfully) fully on board with her hot beau. And we all know thta’s one serious hurdle to overcome….

‘Mummy has been in this series and she’s very approving,’ 24-year-old Binky revealed. And where Mrs Felstead put the fear of God into naughty little pup Jamie Laing after he messed Binks around in Series 5, the brunette beauty reckons it’s Alex’s mature manner that’s won her mum over.

‘He’s not a little boy’, she explained.  ‘It’s cool. It’s all happened really naturally and we’re very happy. I don’t really like relationships on the show, because track record of relationships on the show has gone pretty badly but I’m thinking positive with this one.’ 

Aw! We think they make a pretty perfect pair. Plus, any man that will walk your teeny tiny dog with you and your hoard of gal pals is a winner in our books. Claps all round for Mr Mytton!

By Robyn Munson

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