MIC’s Binky Felstead On JP: “His Fans P*ss Me Off'”

With Made In Chelsea Series 11 in full swing, we’ve been allowed a closer insight into our favourite Chelsea couples’ relationships than ever before.

Which is why we caught up with Binky Felstead on the shoot of her new In The Style swimwear collection to get all the goss on boyfriend JP, body demons and bad BFFs…

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> Binky says JP’s fans can sometimes be extremely disrespectful…


Hi Binky! Do you feel under pressure to have the kind of perfect relationship when you’re surrounded by these happy couples on the show?

I don’t think it’s real if it’s a perfect relationship. I think every relationship has its ups and downs and we’re still learning about each other. I’m [JP]’s first girlfriend, so he’s just learning about having a girlfriend.

Do you check what JP’s been up to on social media?

No, I trust him. I don’t like it when girls write in the comments that he’s single, that p*sses me off. It’s so disrespectful. 

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you as a couple?  

I caught him peeing against my car when he was really drunk. I let him in at 3am and as I opened the door he was laughing and weeing on my car, which was quite embarrassing. (Crikey, JP!)

> Binky also spills on the less-than-romantic side of her relationship…


Have you ever had a big friend fallout and how did you recover? Are you still friends with Cheska? 

We’re friends but I don’t see her, I don’t speak to her. That was quite a big argument I guess. That was quite a strain in the relationship, when I was going through the hard time with Alex the last thing I wanted was my friends putting me down, and they did.

Of course. What girl code do you live by when it comes to getting with boys or exes?

I don’t think that you should sh*g your friends ex boyfriend, simple as that. And I don’t think you should go for or sh*g a guy that’s got a girlfriend. That’s just not okay. 

Have you ever suffered from any body demons?

My hips. I hate my hips.

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> Naww. We do love these two!


Has becoming famous made your demons better or worse?

I care a lot more about what I look like. Also the girls on the show are all very naturally slim, whereas I’m quite naturally curvy. It’s just about taking care of yourself.

What are you learning to love about your body?

I love my legs, I think for me it’s always just improving. I don’t think I’ll ever be in love with my body. I think there’s always going to be something that’s going to keep me wanting to [exercise].

And finally, describe your dream wedding?

It’s going to be in the country, a big teepee tent and hay bales all around. We’ll have a big band playing in a forest and an amazing DJ for my party friends. There won’t be a seating plan, and we’ll have a big hog roast. (Nawww)!

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> Binky’s looking more body confident than ever… Hot mama!