EXCLUSIVE: Binky Felstead On Adjusting To Her New Baby Body

The Made In Chelsea star discusses the bump, the boy and her new drop for In The Style...

 Er, how much has Binky Felstead’s life changed in the past few months?

Following a Made In Chelsea series full of drama (with her on-off relationship with 27-year-old Josh Patterson causing an SW3 war), the star shocked everyone last month by announcing that she’s expecting the first Made In Chelsea baby this summer.

But now the news is very much out there and the entire MIC cast are rallying around (‘seriously, they’re all giving me advice even though no one has had a baby!’), we wanted to know who’s going to be doing most of the babysitting and of course, how Binky, 26, will switch up her chic look to accommodate her bump.

With her new In The Style ‘Western Rose’ collection about to drop, she assures us she’s got pregnancy dressing sorted.

My little summer baby brewing ☀️👶🏻❤️ #thebump

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Hi Binky, congratulations! How are you adjusting to your baby body?

I’ve only got a little bump so I’m just feeling a bit bloated and a bit chubby at the moment. I’m enjoying my new boobs, but apart from that I’ve been pretty lucky so far – I’ve had no morning sickness. I’ve been able to get out of bed and go to the gym. So far so good, but I don’t want to jinx it!
Some celebs, like Cheryl, opt to keep quiet about any speculation. Was it important for you to tell your fans?
I couldn’t have held it in any longer. I’d rather fans knew through me rather than some article with wrong information. It was important for us to do it because there were so many ways that people could find out.
Have you changed the way you dress?
No, all my dresses cater to the bump and a big meal, a food baby. The only thing I’ve had to change is my jeans – I’m already in maternity jeans. I’m going to be wearing them after the baby is born if I have a Sunday roast! As I get bigger, I’m not sure I’ll be wearing so many minidresses. In The Style are making the dresses a bit longer  – I’ve told them they have to be.

Has anyone else offered you advice?
Lots of people have advice, whether I want it or not. The only advice I’m listening to is my mother’s.

You’re going to be the big storyline on the next series of Made In Chelsea…
Hopefully it will be chilled. It’s a big change but I think there won’t be any drama for Josh and me now because we have a glorious little gift coming. Everyone’s been so supportive.
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