What’s Up With MIC’s Binky Felstead And Alex Mytton?

Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead is having a ball in Cannes for her birthday.

The MIC beauty has been joined by fellow MIC castmates Ollie Locke, Georgia Toff, Sam Thompson, Louise Thompson, Jamie Lang, Frankie Gaff, Stephanie Pratt and Olivia Bentley. Also in attendance is ex-boyfriend, Alex Mytton.

As we know, Binky and Alex suffered a turbulant relationship, with Binky eventually ending it after discovering that Alex had been unfaithful on FOUR occasions.

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But after nearly two years of leading separate lives, it seems the former couple have finally made peace. And it’s provoked the most unexpected reaction.

Binky, who shares the same birthday as her ex, posted a cosy photo of her and Mytton on Instagram, writing: ”BIRTHDAY BETCHES #firstyearwedontmindeachother #baoli #cannes.’


Binky looked gorgeous in a pink drop-side vest worn over a bikini, whilst Alex looked dapper in a navy t-shirt and khaki trousers. And despite their dodgy history, fans couldn’t help but celebrate the reconciliation.

‘They still look ace together’, one fan observed.

‘They should get back together’, another commented, whilst another added that Binks and Alex were ‘destined to be together’.

Alex and girlfriend Nicola Hughes


Hang on, what?! We remember when cheating-gate went down, and fans rushed to console a devastated Binky over her cheating ex. So what’s with the sudden U-turn?

Another fan agreed with us, saying that they found the photo ‘odd’, considering ‘the fact he cheated on her broke her heart and now they’re best friends.’

It could be something to do with JP, who hasn’t displayed the best behaviour during his break-up with Binky… Still, we don’t think Mytton is a much more suitable candidate, TBH.

We think Binks should enjoy the single life for a while. Because hey, who needs romance when you’re living it up in Cannes, eh?!