Billie Faiers On The Secret Behind Her Tiny Waist

Billie Faiers has always boasted curves that would even make Kim Kardashian jealous.

But a recent trip to Ibiza saw the TOWIE star not only flaunting her hot bod in a series of gorgeous neon bikinis, but also causing every woman on earth to ask – how is her waist so tiny?!

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Billie’s bangin’ bod takes the hourglass figure to another level, because, WOW. And now, the mum-of-one has explained how she’s ended up blessed with such beautiful curves.

‘I’m in better shape than I was before having Nelly so I feel quite confident’, Billie told OK!. ‘There are always bit that need toning, like the bottom part of my stomach.’


The blonde beauty went on to explain that her waist now measures 25 inches, but insists that it’s always been small, and she’s even given up waist trainers too.

‘I haven’t measured it in ages, but I’m definitely a size 8 now’, she said.

Billie doesn’t even go to the gym, she says, and instead manages to fit in her workouts around being a busy mum.

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‘I don’t go to the gym but I’ll do squats and sit-ups at home while Nelly’s napping. I’ll usually manage 80 squats in one go and maybe 50 sit-ups’, she said. ‘I don’t work much on my arms because I’m constantly carrying Nelly around.’

So she does work hard for that incredibly fit bod. And she’s been blessed with good genes. *Sigh*. Some people have all the luck, eh?