Billie Faiers Opens Up About The Birth Of Her Son

Billie Faiers has shared some candid details about the arrival of her second baby, Arthur. And apparently her partner Greg Shepherd almost missed the big moment...

It would appear that there’s been a bit of a baby boom in the celebrity world.

Following the news of Chiam’s bundle of joy, Billie Faiers has been sharing all the ins and outs of the arrival of her second child, baby Arthur.

Just two weeks ago, Billie had taken to Instagram to announce that she had welcomed her son into the world. At the time, she wrote, ‘Welcome to the world our beautiful baby boy… we love you more then words can describe , you are truly perfect in every way … 07/03/17’.

Following her wonderful news, Billie kept pretty hush hush over the details of baby number two….

Until now, that is.

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Speaking to OK! magazine, 27-year-old Billie has shared all of the details – not all of them glamorous – of what it was really like to welcoming her second baby into the world.

Speaking to the publication, Billie revealed that, despite already being a mother to 3-year-old Nelly, nothing could have prepared her for becoming a mother for the second time.

Billie shared: ‘During my pregnancy, I thought a lot about how I could ever love another child as much as I love Nelly. It didn’t seem possible, but as soon as the midwife passed Arthur to me, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love. It was an instant bond’.

My little darling 💕

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For Billie, however, her second birthing experience was slightly more dramatic. The former TOWIE lady revealed that partner Greg almost managed to miss the big moment. Eep.

Billie revealed: ‘Greg was over at a friend’s house watching football so I had to phone him and tell him I thought the baby was coming’.

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Because things were slightly rushed, Billie explained that her man had to make a supermarket dash whilst in hospital: ‘When Mum and Samantha arrived, Greg went to the Marks & Spencer in the hospital to get some supplies’.

Billie continues, ‘While he was gone, the midwife got me out of the pool to check me over and told me I could start pushing. My mum had to run out of the room to go and get him – luckily, he was back in time!’

Phew. Sounds like quite the story, eh?!

A massive congratulations to the Faiers family on their latest arrival.

Alice Perry