#BigThighTwitter Is Here To Celebrate All Different Kinds Of Curves

Because, basically, EVERY body is pretty amazing...

We love a little bit of body-positivity and that’s why, when we saw that #BigThighTwitter was a thing, we did a little jig on the spot.

Sure, we’ve already had #mermaidthighs and #thighbrows, but who doesn’t want more thigh lovin’ on the internet? EXACTLY.

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So, what’s this new social media movement all about?

Basically, people are sharing pictures of their thighs – in all sorts of different shapes and sizes – along with the hashtag #BigThighTwitter.

It’s a way of promoting some positivity around body image for all manner of different women (and men, if they want to get involved, because why not?) whilst, at the same time, working against any negativity or internet body-shaming.

Of course, some ladies are naturally pretty slender too, which is also great, so some girls have added #SlimGirlTwitter into the mix too.


With the rise of some pretty worrying online body trends (yup, sadly, we’re reminded of things like the disturbing A4 waist challenge), we’re super pleased to see that people are embracing the bod’ that nature gave.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it AGAIN. Every body is beautiful.

And we’re chuffed to see that people are shouting proudly about theirs.