Twitter Gets Confused By The Sound On Big Brother

Crikey. We don’t even know where to start with all the dramz on Big Brother right now.

There’s Jackson and Georgina’s budding romance, which has already seen Jackson admit that he’d ‘marry’ his Kent-born housemate. Ooh.

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Things haven’t gone *particularly* smoothly between Jackson and Georgina



He’s previously said: ‘I put myself in a situation I’ve never been in before. I’ve done things I’ve never done before… especially in front of these people.’

Then on last night’s show, we saw Georgina have an argument with Emma, after the latter said she didn’t approve of how she treats Jackson.

Georgina has been arguing with housemate Emma. Eek


Georgina, 26, ranted: ‘I don’t appreciate you sitting and telling my boyfriend that I’m negative and that I have a negative energy and that you don’t like the way that I treat him.

‘That’s none of your business.’

We also saw Jackson comfort his lady after it was revealed that she’d been nominated for eviction, alongside Jayne, Andy and Evelyn.

Georgina was visibly upset after finding out she’d been nominated


There’s also Ryan and Hughie, who hooked up on Monday’s episode after Ryan had, er, vomited into his own hands.

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on with these two. We saw Ryan saying they’re ‘boyfriends’, before Hughie told him: ‘I’m going to let you think that.’ Hmmm.

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Are Hughie and Ryan a couple? We don’t think even they’re sure…



But it wasn’t either of the couplings who got everyone talking yesterday – instead, it was the technical issues that appeared to be plaguing Channel 5.

Viewers complained that the sound kept dipping in and and out throughout the programme. And they weren’t particularly happy about it.

One Tweeted: ‘sort your sound out please. Giving me chest pain thinking my TV was breaking down! #bbuk #bigbrother [sic].’

This picture of Jackson pretty much sums up viewers’ thoughts last night


Another wrote: ‘Well the sound engineer for this episode of Big Brother should get the sack for the shoddy job he’s done on the sound #BBUK #Channel5.’

One particularly incensed fan said: ‘#BigBrother where was Apology for sound issue tonight everyone thought they had problem with there tv and it was at your end #BBUK.’

Eep. Let’s hope it was a just a one-off, eh?