Big Brother Has Received Some Pretty Disappointing News

Big Brother‘s only been on for three days – and it’s already causing all kinds of controversy.

We mean, it’s Big Brother. So it’s to be expected really, isn’t it?!

But unfortunately for producers of the Channel 5 reality show, there’s one piece of news in particular that we don’t think they’ll like.

Lateysha Grace has already been on TV


It’s been reported that Tuesday’s launch show attracted the lowest viewing figures ever for an opening night. Eep.

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According to the Daily Star, 1.5m people tuned in, which is 300,000 viewers down from 2015 and 600,000 from 2014.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for TV watchers to get hooked. And judging by the antics of this year’s housemates, that’s definitely a possibility.

Recognise Alex Cannon?


Alongside the 12 contestants, we’ve also met six ‘others’. These ‘others’ are staying in a secret second house, where they’re working together in an attempt to steal the real BBers’ places. Sneaky.

We’ve already seen them place Laura Carter up for eviction, who in turn chose ex-The Valleys star Lateysha Grace.

Oh yes, The Valleys. Lateysha has already been on our screens, starring in the Geordie Shore-style programme from 2012-2014.

This isn’t the first time Georgina Cantwell’s been on our screens


She isn’t the first semi-famous face in the house, with Alex Cannon being a model (and Vicky Pattison’s mate) and Georgina Cantwell appearing in E4’s Taking New York.

This has led the audience to flood Twitter with accusations of it being a ‘fix’ and ‘staged’.

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Comments include: ‘Big Brother bit of a fix this year, first lot either know each other or half famous already,’ and: ‘Always the same, complete fix, just feel sorry for the people that still bother auditioning…’

Hmmm. Well, we imagine the cast have been chosen because they’re certain to be entertaining.

And for that reason, we’re going to keep on watching…