Big Brother’s Nomination Twist Gets Twitter Talking

Oosh. Big Brother got harsh last night.

In case you didn’t know, we’ve already seen Georgina, Evelyn, Andy and Jayne find out that they’ve been nominated for eviction on Friday’s show.

And of course, we’ve seen their fellow housemates secretly make their nominations in the Diary Room… except it wasn’t so secret. Eep.

Andy heard people’s nominations for him on the phone during a task


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In a shocking twist, the potential evictees were forced to listen to their co-stars’ reasonings on yesterday’s episode.

Not only that, but they were then allowed to discuss them with each other. Any talk of nominations is usually strictly banned, so this was a BIG deal.

Andy was seen crying to Jason


As expected, it caused quite a ruckus. Andy was left crying into Jason’s shoulders, after hearing comments that labelled him ‘sly’ and ‘manipulative’.

In an emotional outburst, he said: ‘Jason, I’m not a bad person or sly or manipulative. It doesn’t matter what I do or what I say, they’re just have this bad impression of me.’

Even Chelsea got involved, lamenting: ‘Oh my God. That is not nice to see.’


Meanwhile, Georgina was ‘annoyed’ to discover that she’d been nominated by several people because of her relationship with Jackson.

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This led to Jackson complaining to Emma: ‘My Mrs had to turn around to me, and goes I need to distance myself from you, as I don’t want to be put up for eviction.

Georgina is *not* happy about being nominated


‘When you’re mentioning my name in a nomination so my girl could be getting evicted, she is going to think she will have to distance herself from me, which will affect our relationship.

‘So now she is mad at me! I haven’t done anything.’

Crikey. Obviously, viewers were completely hooked. But they were also pretty shocked at what they were watching.

Jackson spoke his mind to Emma


One Tweeted: ‘Having them listen to their nominations is harsh,’ while another wrote: ‘Big brother goes brutal #BBUK.’

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