Big Brother’s Laura And Marco Shock Viewers Again

Big Brother’s Marco and Laura are at it AGAIN.

Not long after the pair seemed to end their in-house fling, Channel 5 viewers saw the couple frolicking around in the hot tub before running around the house naked.

You know, as you do.

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Talking about their previous moves between the sheets, Laura admitted to fellow housemate Lateysha earlier in the week: ‘It wasn’t full blown sex, but we had sex basically. Straight after it happened he said ‘Oh MY GOD! What’s my family and my fiancée going to say?’ I was like mate; you can’t say this now. I think he feels guilty.’

She then adds: ‘It’s like he’s washed his hands of me!’

But last night, it seemed that all of that went out of the window, as the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Laura and Marco have been flirting since day one

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Social media had a lot to say about what was happening on their screens, with comments including: ‘I’m sure Laura said she was gonna stay away from Marco? Two mins later she’s in the jacuzzi getting ‘MAKOSI-D’ by the fella’ and ‘I am actually appalled and horrified by @bbuk! Marco Pierre Jr and Laura Carter are an absolute disgrace!!’

Back in the outside world, Marco’s fiancee has already taken to Twitter to announce that they were NOT, in fact, in an open relationship. And Marco sparked rumours that he may have actually ended things with her on TV, telling his housemates that he ‘wants to be free’ until he finds the right person.



Marco, who faces eviction on tonight’s live show, is favourite to get the boot, according to Ladbrokes.

And considering how unpopular his behaviour has been with the viewers, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him go…