Let’s Just Talk About Big Brother’s Jackson And Georgina

Ooh. It looks like we may have a new Big Brother romance on the cards.

If you tuned into last night’s show, you’ll have seen that Georgina Cantwell and Jackson Blyton were finally reunited. Aw.

The pair had struck up a close friendship when they first entered the house, but were separated when Jackson, 24, was banished to the Other House on Day 4.

> Jackson and Alex Cannon became Others on Day 4


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Georgina, 26, and the other housemates had originally believed that Jackson and Alex Cannon had been evicted, but learnt about the Others’ existence on Day 8.

The two houses have since been competing in tasks in order to win immunity from eviction (the main house won, BTW). And yesterday, they finally merged together.

> Jackson and Georgina were reunited on yesterday’s show. Aw


Jackson’s been very open about his feelings for Georgina, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room: ‘I was trying not to look at her but as soon as I caught eyes with her, I was like a child again.

‘I don’t know why. Is it Romeo And Juliet when he can’t be with her because they’re in different firms? But in the end they just get together. It’s like that.’

Happily for the Nottingham-born lad, it seems Georgina is just as keen on him.

> Jackson had spoken about Georgina in the Diary Room


During the episode, Lateysha advised Georgina to tell Jackson she’s into him. Which, as expected, left him very happy. He declared: ‘That’s all I’ve been wanting to hear!’

Of course, now that the two housemates and the Others are living together, they’ve had to work out new sleeping arrangements.

Jackson and Georgina managed to nab a bed together, and when the lights were off, they could be heard having a jokey conversation about the presents he’ll buy her. Lolz.

> Jackson and Georgina hopped into bed together


She quipped: ‘I’m expensive! I love shoes and bags!’ before they enjoyed a bit of a smooch.

Ca-uute. Unlike Marco and Laura’s racy, er, antics last week, viewers seemed thrilled to see a more toned-down romance play out on screen.

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Tweets included: ‘The way Jackson talks about Georgina is the cutest thing ever,’ and: ‘Now thats what i call proper romance!! #Bigbrother Jackson is so good for georgina! [sic].’

We’re excited to see how this one pans out.