Why People Are Calling The Big Brother Final A ‘Fix’

Jason Burrill triumphed over Hughie Maughan on last night's show - and not *everyone* is happy about it...

Well. The Big Brother final was a bit of a shocker, wasn’t it?

After seven long weeks in the house, Jackson Blyton, Hughie Maughan, Jason Burrill, Evelyn Ellis, Jayne Connery and Andy West finally found out their fate.

Big Brother Emma Willis

Emma Willis looked stunning in a navy number

Host Emma Willis – who looked ah-mazing in a navy lace prom dress – first announced that Jayne had come in sixth place and Evelyn had finished fifth.

After that, we learnt that Andy was fourth, before Jackson left the house in third place. So then we were left with our two finalists – Jason and Hughie.

Big Brother final fix

Evelyn and Jayne left the house together

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The majority of people seemed convinced that Hughie would be the winner, with Tweets including: ‘If Hughie doesn’t win, then Big Brother are messing up with the votes #BBUK,’ and: ‘If Jason wins big brother there is definitely something wrong, Cmon Hughie [sic].’

Big Brother final fix

Andy West came in fourth place

However, it was actually Jason who ended up walking away with the cash prize. It was close, with less than 1% between them after the votes were counted.

At 45, he’s actually the oldest ever winner of BB. But despite this historic victory, not everyone was particularly impressed with the results.

Big Brother final fix

Jackson greeted fans after finishing in third place

One viewer wrote: ‘Okay I don’t even watch the uk big brother BUT SERIOUSLY even I know that Jason was a miserable g** who shouldn’t have won .’

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Another wrote: ‘What the hell happen how did Jason win

Big Brother final fix

Hughie didn’t seemed fazed by coming in second

Some even claimed that the programme was fixed. Eep.

Comments read: ‘I’m sorry but is fixed no way could Jason possibly win!’ ‘Big Brother can do one now. Sick of people who get booed loads for weeks winning it. Definitely a fix. #BB,’ and: ‘How on earth did the most hated man win big brother got to be a fix I’m never watching again.’

Big Brother final fix

Even Jason appeared a little shellshocked

Hmm. What did you think of the result? Let us know below.