13 Past Big Brother Contestants You Forgot You Loved

With a new series of Big Brother kicking off on Channel 5 this week, we got to thinking about all of our FAVOURITE nostalgic housemates.

Because, let’s be honest, it’s not quite what it used to be is it?

1. Nikki Grahame

OF COURSE she’d be right up there.

With her unforgettable tears and tantrums, Nikki was pretty marmite.


She can still be found at the odd celebrity bash, and has also bagged herself some TV spots along the way.

2. Alex Sibley

Image: Twitter Alex Sibley

He was the villain of his series, and was also known to clean. A LOT.

These days, he’s a proud dad and avid tweeter.

His bio reads: ‘Was on @bbuk in 2002 and left twitter but I’m back on twitter, older, wiser, fatter, 15kg heavier and worth 87.5% less to hire per hour’. Sums it up, dontcha think?

3. Nasty Nick

No Big Brother round-up would be complete without him.

The guy we loved to hate, Nick invented the BB boo.

Since becoming the nation’s most hated man, he’s starred in pantos and got a gig on a radio show.

4. Helen Adams

Image: Twitter Helen Adams

Helen released an exercise DVD called Dance Workout With Helen after becoming a runner-up on Big Brother.

Sadly, her relationship with BB’s Paul Clarke didn’t work out, but she’s happily married now.

5. Grace Adams-Small

It’s safe to say that feisty Grace wasn’t too popular (hands up who remembers that drink-throwing incident?), except with love interest Mikey, obvs.

The pair are still together (awwww) and have two children. Bless.

6. Adele Roberts

Image: Instagram Adele Roberts

Adele made an impact by rapping in her audition tape.

She got a lot of male attention in the house (oh, Lee) but soon revealed that she had a girlfriend on the outside.

Now, Adele is a BBC radio DJ.

7. Anthony Hutton

Image: Instagram Anthony Hutton

We’re still not over those ’70s disco moves, Ant.

He’s opened a trendy barbershop and seems to have had a complete image overhaul.

8. Brian Belo

Image: Twitter Brian Belo

Oh, Brian.

We dare you not to have a soft spot for this sweetheart.

Bri’ reportedly filed a lawsuit against the creators of TOWIE in 2012, claiming they had allegedly ‘stolen’ his idea.

9. Pete Bennett

Image: Instagram Pete Bennett

He was crowned the winner of the 2006 series, but later revealed to Jeremy Kyle that he was homeless.

Looking at his Instagram, all seems well these days. And he’s still rocking that tie.

10. Michelle Bass

This Geordie lass sure made an impact on screen.

‘No naked Jacuzzi-NESS’ – need we say anymore?

11. Stuart Wilson

Michelle and Stuart sparked up a relationship in the house, and they were the first couple to reportedly do, erm, that in the house.

But their love didn’t last long once they were in the outside world, with news of their split upsetting BB fans.

Sad face.

12. Charley Uchea Uciano

One of the most vocal contestants from the ’07 series of Big Brother, Charley’s explosive impact on the house will always be remembered.

After the show, she enjoyed a number of TV appearances, including a hilarious spot on an 8 out of 10 Cats special.

These days, Charley – and her incredible bod’ – appears to have gone quiet on Twitter.

But we ALL remember he return to the show last year, don’t we?

13. Orlaith McAllister

'Big Brother 6' TV Programme. - 2005

This feisty Irish lady made a real impact during the sixth series of Big Brother, which aired in 2005.

It was also the year of Makosi, Anthony, Science and Craig (oh, the good old days).

These days, Orlaith is a mum-of-two, and living back in Belfast.