Big Brother Star Charlie Once Looked *Very* Different

Woah. We cannot believe Big Brother star Charlie Doherty’s transformation.

Y’know Charlie… blonde hair, sharp clothes, expert contour. But it seems she wasn’t always quite so polished.

How do we know this? Well, BB isn’t actually the first television programme the 31-year-old has appeared on. Back in 2009, she featured on BBC3’s Snog Marry Avoid.

…and this is her back in 2009


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If you don’t remember SMG (how could you not?! It’s ultimate 00s nostalgia), the show revolved around people getting makeunders. And Charlie was one of them.

Back then, she was a pole dancer in Ibiza, where she was rocking dark extensions and admitted to having a bit of a fake tan addiction.


In her pre-makeunder video, she told viewers: ‘The more tanned I can get, the better. Whether it’s fake tan, tea bags, spray tan…

‘I like to wear make-up at the beach because there’s a lot of hot girls out there. A lot of competition. I’ve got to make sure I’m part of that.’

Um, yep. TEA. Her then-boyfriend was also seen saying: ‘If you took away Charlie’s hair extensions, I imagine there would be big fireworks.


‘It’s not her real hair. It probably comes from some girl in another country who has a tiny little bob just so Charlie can go out looking like a glamour model.’

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Towards the end of the VT, Charlie admitted that this boyf preferred her totally au naturel.

Charlie’s ex was interviewed on the show


Now, we know he’s no longer on the scene. Charlie’s since been locked up in the BB house with her more recent ex Jason Burrill.

So it’s not just her looks that have changed over the past seven years.

Charlie is now in the Big Brother house with recent ex Jason


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