These Celebrity Big Brother Rumours Are Crazy…

We know, we know – it seems like just yesterday Scott Timlin and Jeremy McConnell were swanning around the Big Brother house (topless and drunk) and playing-off fellow housemates Megan Mckenna, Tiffany Davis and Tiffany Pollard against each other in the process. (It was a good series). But would you believe it’s almost time for a second installement? Yep the second 2016 series of Celebrity Big Brother is right around the corner, people – and the rumoured contestants are getting us all very excited indeed…

Chris Steed and Stephen Webb

If you’re a Googlebox fan, you’ll love this latest Celebrity Big Brother news. Chris and Stephen have already amassed a decent fan base thanks to their hilarious put-downs and catty remarks in Channel 4’s telly-watching show and have already signed a six-figure deal to enter the house, according to The Sun. We totally feel sorry for the rest of the contestants already…

Chris Steed and Stephen Webb have apparently signed a major deal


Lady C

As fans of I’m A Celeb will remember, Lady C is a force to be reckoned with. The opinionated socialite turned the waves blue with her foul-mouth,m sharp wit and take-no-prisoners attitude in the jungle, and although she’s currently filming her own show right now, The Mirror reports that she’s in talks to take up her reality TV crown once more… *Gulp* 

Lady C will definitely ruffle a few feathers

Kate Wright and Dan Edgar

OMG; from Essex to the Big Brother house (possibly). Yep there’s rumours swirling around that TOWIE stars Kate and Dan are heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house as a duo. The couple have been going strong since a split last year, but it’s safe to say that this reality show will be more high-pressured than anything these two have endured before. If this is true – good lucky guys (you’ll probs need it…).>

Could TOWIE’s golden couple of the moment make it onto Channel 4?


Michaella McCollum 

The CBB rumours get more and more ridiculous each year, and now we’ve become reacquainted with Michaella McCollum, we’re not sure we can cope. If you’ve forgotten her name it’s ‘cos Michaella has actually been in prison for the past 2 and a half years – for smuggling cocaine. Back then she was known as one half of the Peru Two, and was one of the girls who ended up in a Peruvian prison for trying to get drugs out of the country. Surely she’s not destined for stardom now she’s out?!

Michaella McCollum wants to make it on TV now…


Jaymi Hensley 

Following in the footsteps of his bandmate George Shelley who featured on I’m A Celebrity earlier this year, Union J singer Jaymi is apparently set for reality TV stardom too. His manager recently told the RadioTimes that Jaymi ‘likes the show’ and is ‘interested’. That’s probably a definite yes then…

Jaymi Hensley’s following in George Shelley’s footsteps (maybe)


Ronnie Pickering

The ‘star’ of one viral video that probably didn’t make it onto your radar is Ronnie Pickering, who probably deserves the title of Britain’s Angriest Man. His scary ‘don’t you know who I am?’ diatribe directed at a cyclist, and caught on camera in Hull, went viral last year. According to the Daily Star, Ronnie’s road rage could make him the perfect contestant for the high-pressure Big Brother house, but when pressed Ronnie said he ‘didn’t know’ if the show was for him. (But that’s what they all say, right?!)

This hot-headed YouTube star will be sure to rile a few people up

Ben Innes 

Another possible contestant bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘celebrity’ is Ben Innes – the guy famous for taking a pic with the EgyptAir hijacker earlier this year. Yep, 26-year-old Ben caused such a furore with his controversial selfie he’s now rumoured to be heading into the CBB house. 

Possibly the most bizzare potential contestant ever?!

We can’t wait for this to hit our screens…

By Georgina Lawton