Bianca Gascoigne’s Big Secret Is Going To Be Revealed On Celebrity Big Brother

There's been so much speculation about a secret 'boyfriend'. And this is how Jamie O'Hara reacted...

Oh, Bianca Gascoigne.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, just choosing to steer clear of this series of Celebrity Big Brother) you’ll already know all about the speculation surrounding Bianca’s relationship status.

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The 30-year-old has been getting closer and closer to her fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara (after he failed to get very far with Jasmine Waltz, which is a whole other story). But it didn’t take too long for viewers to start questioning whether or not she had a boyfriend in the outside world.

This was further fuelled by a ‘coded’ conversation in the CBB bedroom, which seemed to show her making the confession to Nicola McLean.

Are you keeping up?

Okay well it seems like it’s all about to come out, anyway.

And according to Stacy Francis – who’s the latest CBB contestant to have faced eviction – Jamie is feeling pretty ‘betrayed’ by the news.

It seems as though viewers will watch the whole thing unfold on tonight’s episode, with Bianca coming clean about her man.

Stacy has said that the discussion between the pair, who have been flirting during their time in the house, resulted in a ‘tense’ atmosphere.


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The American X Factor contestant added: ‘Jamie felt very betrayed and I think Bianca thinks she didn’t know she was going to come in the house and fall in love.’

Err. The L word is a little strong, no?

Stacy continued, ‘I think unfortunately it’s very tense, she’s devastated, she’s crying, she’s hurting.

‘Jamie doesn’t feel like she’s been honest with him and we’re trying to let him know she is a good person. She does have a good heart, she just didn’t handle it the right way and that’s an unfortunate thing.’

Bianca CBB

In a clip, which is due to be part of tonight’s show, Jamie’s shock at the revelation can be seen. The footballer says to B: ‘I thought you were single.’

We’ll be tuning in tonight to see where it all goes from here…