Bianca Gascoigne Spoke Out About Her Dad Before Going Into The CBB House

The 30-year-old model has a message for her critics...

Bianca Gascoigne entered the Celebrity Big Brother house for the first time last night, alongside a number of All Stars that have returned for another shot at the winning spot on the Channel 5 gameshow.

Also on the guest list was Bianca’s former flame Calum Best, ensuring that she’s already one of the most talked-about faces on the show. The pair, who dated back after a stint in series two of Love Island back in 2006, will come face-to-face in the CBB house.

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Calum Best has returned to the CBB house two years after his first appearance...

Calum Best has returned to the CBB house two years after his first appearance…

What’s more, Calum’s mum Angie Best is along for the ride. Which could make things a whole lot more awkward, no?

The 30-year-old model seems to have received quite a bit of criticism since news of her entry into the CBB house started circulating.

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Bianca Celebrity Big Brother

But it seems that she had a parting message for her haters, particularly aimed at anyone who might believe that she has been riding on the back of her famous father’s surname.

In an interview given before entering the famous house, Bianca hit back: ‘I have a fantastic job, earn my own money and always have.’

Paul Gascoigne’s famous stepdaughter is a model, reality TV star, and now also works as a manager of a nightclub.

She also revealed to The Sun that, 12 years on from her win on the celebrity dating show, she’d like viewers to see the ‘real’ her.

She explained, ‘I’m really excited to do the show which I’ve been a fan off for many years.

‘I just want people to see the real me.’

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca has received some online criticism for taking part in the Channel 5 show after the news that her stepfather suffered an accident at the Ace Hotel a few weeks ago, but she’s revealed that she doesn’t like to discuss their relationship.

She told The Sun, ‘There’s been various stories written about me and my relationship with my dad which I feel has put me at a disadvantage.

‘I try not to speak about my father. I found out about a particular story which claimed to have had direct quotes from me but was completely fabricated.’

The second helping of the All Star vs New Star series will air tonight at 9pm…