Bianca Gascoigne’s ‘Boyfriend’ Finally Breaks His Silence On Celebrity Big Brother

CJ Meeks has opened up about his heartbreak...

CJ Meeks, who’s long been rumoured to have been dating Bianca Gascoigne before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother, has finally spoken out about the show AND his lady’s flirtation with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara.

The cage fighter, who has been watching Bianca get closer and closer to Jamie, has admitted that Bianca’s actions have ‘killed’ him and left him ‘changed as a person’.

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Bianca Gascoigne

After dropping some hints about having a fella on the outside, Bianca finally came clean to her housemates, confessing to Jamie that she wasn’t entirely single.

Despite this news, Bianca and Jamie seemed unable to put a stop to their blossoming romance in the house. They have been getting more and more affectionate with one another in the past few days, even sharing a bed and saying the ‘L’ word.

Talking about his relationship with Bianca before Celebrity Big Brother began, CJ claims he was ‘very, very happy’ – even confessing that he had been planning to propose to her.

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He reportedly told The Sun: ‘It’s been like my worst nightmare come true. We were very, very happy but she has destroyed me.

‘I feel changed as a person – Bianca was everything to me, she was my best friend, I thought she was going to be the mother of my children, but she’s ruined it all – and what for, Jamie O’Hara?’

Bianca Jamie

Speaking of the moment that the pair shared a kiss in the CBB toilet (yup), CJ continued to The Sun: ‘That killed me. I thought, ‘If you can get drunk and kiss a guy on national television in front of me and my family, what on earth would you do on a night out if we weren’t watching?’ It’s unbelievable… I lost the plot.

‘I was inconsolable for days, I couldn’t stop crying and I was still sitting in our flat, on our sofa, watching her climb into bed with another guy. It’s been like torture.’

The MMA fighter also underlined that he would not be waiting for Bianca when she leaves the Channel 5 show, explaining: ‘I genuinely don’t know what she’s going to do when she comes out and I don’t care – I’m gone.’

Jamie O’Hara was evicted from the show in a shock twist yesterday, but Bianca remains in the house.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.