Beyonce’s HBO Documentary To Air On BBC One This Month

Beyonce‘s amazing HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream is finally coming to the UK! The programme, which was directed as produced by the lady herself, takes us behind the scenes of Beyonce’s life, including her marriage to Jay-Z, her pregnancy and her mind-blowing stage performances.

BBC One has picked up the show and has confirmed it will air on Thursday 28 March at 10.35pm

Quick, cancel all your plans!

The documentary made its debut on HBO in the US last month and attracted a whopping audience of 1.8 million viewers.

Most of the programme has been shot through the camera on Bey’s very own MacBook. One gorgeous scene sees the loved-up star and her hubby sing Coldplay’s Yellow to each other while on a romantic break in Croatia. 

Beyonce says: “This movie has really been my therapy. I’ve healed from so many wounds… and hopefully I can inspire other people.”

Can’t. Wait. RM