Fans Are Seriously Upset About This Photo Of Beyonce

Beyonce’s been making the headlines this week in more ways than one.

First, her Lemonade lyrics had everyone guessing about her marriage to Jay Z (DID HE CHEAT?!), and now, her W Magazine shoot is angering fans due to Bey’s body looking a little less curvaceous than usual…

Beyonce appears in the spread looking typically fierce in a pair of high-waisted shorts, a bralet, red leather boots and a hat as she glares seductively at the camera.

But minutes after the publication posted the image on Instagram, an angry tirade of comments poured in accusing the brand of altering Bey’s body to look less bootylicious. Hmm.

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‘This amount of Photoshop is so disrespectful to her WTF,’ one fan commented.

‘I just cant with her legs, why would anyone do that’, slammed another, with many mentioning her pronounced ‘thigh gap’.

Another went as far as to slam W Magazine, commenting: ‘Wow they photoshopped the heck out of Bey! WTF is wrong with you @wmag you should be celebrating her curves instead you make her look like a stick’.


‘She’s a proud and curvy black woman can’t you stop shaming black women?’

Photoshopping women’s bodies to make them appear slimmer is unfortunately, nothing new, but what it brilliant is that it’s getting called out more and more these days, and you know what? People aren’t accepting it.

Beyonce hasn’t yet commented on Photoshopping-gate, but then again, she’s had a pretty busy few days, what with new album Lemonade breaking the Internet and calling her and Jay’s marriage into question.

One thing’s for sure – Bey knows how to get people talking. What do you think of her new shoot? Tweet us @lookmagazine.