Um. Did Beyonce Just Get Upstaged By Her Own Cousin?

Who doesn’t love a bit of Queen Bey? She’s the superstar diva who literally Runs The World (well, almost). We all let out our inner diva out whenever a Beyonce track comes on, and we’re usually the first ones on the dance floor when the beat drops. No shame, ladies, no shame… In our eyes, it seems like no one can top Queen Bey. Or can they?



Beyonce’s Best Fashion Moments

Instagram went into frenzy yesterday after a picture surfaced of Beyonce attending the funeral of her uncle Skip. As expected, Beyonce looked flawless, rocking a sleek low ponytail and a chic black ensemble. But what really caught our attention (and everyone else’s) was the stunning lady stood next to Bey. We mean, our jaws literally hit the floor. But, who is she? Well, it’s not been revealed that it’s Beyonce’s cousin, who goes by the name of Krisitn Douglas.

Standing next to Beyonce for a snap always comes with the added risk of being out-shined… But not on this occasion. On first sight of the photo, our eyes were immediately drawn to the beauty in the blue dress. It even took us a minute to realise Beyonce was in the same picture! (Sorry, Bey). 

>instagram) From left Kelsie, Beyonce and Kristin" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="(Pic: instagram) From left Kelsie, Beyonce and Kristin"> (Pic: instagram) From left Kelsie, Beyonce and Kristin

We can’t say we are at all surprised; good looks seem to run through this family. And we weren’t the only ones befriending Beyonce’s cousin on Instagram after seeing the snap – Kristin reportedly gained 40,000 followers after posting the picture, and quickly found herself becoming many Instagram users’ #WCW. Seems like Bey’s cousin is fast becoming a celeb in her own right.

We’ve now come to the conclusion that when you’re related to Queen Bey, you’re instantly flawless and the world will love you. Erm, any room for a few more adopted cousins Bey…?

> Beyonce always looking flawless!