Beyonce battles with different personalities in Pepsi's new ad

Beyonce Unveils Amazing New Pepsi Ad ‘Mirrors’: See It Here!

Beyonce has finally revealed the details of her big announcement. This afternoon she unveiled the full-length version of her brand new ad for Pepsi, and it seems the star is well and truly embracing ‘Throwback Thursday’ by having a dance-off with several old reflections of herself in the short video.

Wearing a black All Saints top and black leather shorts, Beyonce dances to her brand new track ‘Grown Woman’ with some of the most iconic personalities from her past, including “Bootylicious Beyonce”, “Sasha Fierce” and “Crazy in Love Beyonce”. It looks AMAZING and has left us desperate to bust out the dance routine’s to all of Bey’s old videos. 

The ad, entitled ‘Mirrors’, sees Beyonce recreate her old moves to promote Pepsi’s ‘Live For Now’ ethos. It premiered on the brand’s YouTube video this afternoon and it’s fair to say we’ve already watched it 9283479 times.  

Check it out below – just make sure you clear some space around your desk – we guarantee you’ll be busting out the Bootylicious routine without even realising it… 

By Rebecca Martin 4th April 2013 

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