What Does Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Mean For Her Coachella Performance?

Beyonce's surprise twin pregnancy announcement is the best news for ages, but maybe not for the organisers of Coachella...

Fans are LIVING for Wednesday’s amazing news that Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting twins.

But while the couple’s big pregnancy announcement came as a huge surprise to all of us, it’s rumoured that no one got a bigger shock than the organisers of Coachella. Awkward.

It was announced back in January that Bey would be headlining the cooler-than-cool California festival in April. So the imminent arrival of Bey-bies might throw a slight spanner in the works for the promise of Lemonade amongst the palm trees.

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The team behind Coachella are said to have been left floored by the news, after learning at exactly the same time as the world that Beyonce will still be pregnant (SERIOUSLY pregnant) by the time the festival rolls around.

Goldenvoice – a branch of AEG Live who are behind ‘Chella – supposedly discovered the news online like the rest of us, and sources claim that they’re ‘not thrilled’ about it. Possibly an understatement, there.

TMZ sources claim that Team Coachella ‘still has no idea how far along she is’, and claim that they ‘tried in vain on Thursday to reach Bey or her reps’.

Not a meeting we’d wanna be in.

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So what’s the plan? Right now, your guess is as good as the Coachella bosses’.

It’s still unclear what will happen when it comes to Beyonce’s headline slot, or whether she’ll even be able to perform at all – especially considering her first pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy is said to have been a difficult one, and this time there’s two of them.

‘The show will go on. She’ll just borrow Dave Grohl’s big chair,’ an anonymous insider joked, throwing back to when the Foo Fighters frontman broke his foot in summer 2015 and did the whole set sitting down.

Having said that, it wouldn’t be the first time that Bey’s performed while heavily pregnant; she nailed Love On Top at the 2011 Grammys while expecting Blue Ivy.

Let’s be honest, Bey could literally perch on a stool in some fleecey maternity pyjamas doing her breathing exercises, and it’d still be a show we’d wanna see.

And if she is still pregnant when she hits the festival stage, those twins have already headlined Coachella before even being born. Goals.

By Lucy Wood