Beyonce Joins Instagram As She Celebrates Obama Win

Beyonce has had a busy week helping to campaign for Barack Obama’s re-election, and now she’s joined Instagram, too!

The star loves her social networking – she joined Twitter earlier this year and created a Tumblr page showing personal photos of her family and unveiling her baby daughter, Blue Ivy.

Now we’re set to see an even cooler insight into Bey’s life as she looks to share an array of filtered arty snaps with us. Hurrah!

Beyonce joined unde the username BaddieBey – and her first image was in tribute to her hero and friend, President Obama.

She captiojned the picture: “Hey Instagram, it’s me Bey.” She wore a white tee bearing the slogan ‘Texans For Obama’ along with black-rimmed glasses and showed off her hot new fringe.

We can’t wait to see her next snap! RM