Ivy Park Video Suggests That Beyoncé Revealed Her Pregnancy BEFORE Those Pictures Dropped

Did Beyoncé reveal her pregnancy before that Instagram picture broke the internet? And we all completely missed it?!

Okay, so before Beyoncé broke the internet on Tuesday with the Instagram announcement that she was expecting twins, transpires that the Lemonade star might have already revealed her pregnancy to the world – and well, we all COMPLETELY missed it!

Just hours before THAT picture dropped on Queen Bey’s Instagram account, the 35-year-old singer debuted a one-minute video promoting her latest Ivy Park activewear collection, in which she can be seen wearing a tight khaki green athletic top which clings to (we think you’ll agree), a small defined baby bump.

Beyonce Ivy Park Pregnant

No, we’re not just seeing things…

How did we not see this before?! Bey, you sneaky thing! We mean, we can only speculate that this is the case, BUT we’d love it to be true, right?

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The video’s narration also holds some clues about what Beyoncé might have been planning in regards to letting the world know about her delicate condition. Speaking over scenes where women are seen dancing, working out and generally being awesome, the monologue states:

‘I remind myself real is relative. I’m not just floating within myself. Every human has that capability to adapt.’

Hmm, ‘adapt’ as in being pregnant with twins? The narration continues:

‘I look to the sky, and I feel safe and lost at the same time. And it just comes flowing like back to me. I’m here and I’m supposed to be here, and I’m proud of the body that I’m in.’

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Well, 9,138,404 Insta-likes later and we think it’s fair to say that Beyoncé is more than ‘proud’ of the body she’s in. We’re just kicking ourselves that we didn’t notice this pre-pregnancy super hint sooner! Let’s face it, life as we know it has now been separated into the crappy Trump-dominated times before Beyoncé’s bump, and well, now.

Can we cope with any more Bey news this week?! We’ll keep our eyes peeled.