Beyoncé Fans Are Furious About What Happened At The Emmys

The Beyhive have *not* reacted well to the announcement of the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special...

Beyoncé fans are not very happy.

If they’ve got Kanye on speed dial, we’d be willing to bet that Yeezy’s phone was going off with unhappy calls and texts last night.

Why? Well, the Beyhive seem to be of the belief that their queen has been snubbed by the Emmys. And they’re not taking it quietly.

Thanks to her Lemonade, Bey was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special. And natch, her dedicated flock of followers assumed that it was a given that she’d be taking home the prize.

But. She lost. To Grease: Live!


Even host Jimmy Kimmel reacted to the news, joking: ‘I wouldn’t want to be those guys when Kanye finds out they beat Beyoncé!’

Of course, this was a reference to that famous moment when ‘Ye interrupted Taylor Swift, after she beat Bey to MTV’s Best Female Video.

ICYMI, he took the stage during her acceptance speech in 2009, with the now-famous words: ‘Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!’

We loved Lemonade, and we also love ourselves a bit of Grease, so we’re not throwing any shade here. But Beyoncé’s people have made their disappointment at the Emmy news very plain for all to see.


Remember the scene where Bey smashes up a car with a baseball bat? Well, that’s basically what Twitter looks like right now.

Here’s a taster:

Yup. Pretty sour.