Beyonce Bares Her Flat Tummy In Crop Top Again

Beyonce and her Oh-My-God-amazing-abs were out on the town on the weekend – finally silencing any remaining rumours about a second pregnancy. Yep, we’ve looked really, REALLY hard and there’s definitely not an ounce of a baby bump on that washboard.

Dressed in a super-sexy Topshop crop top and pencil skirt, the 31-year-old and her husband Jay Z partied the night away at Miss Lily’s restaurant in New York for his best mate, Kanye West’s, 32nd birthday bash.

Pregnancy rumours have been circulating about Beyonce since mid-May, when the singer she was snapped on stage showing the tiniest of bumps. The baby talk then went into overdrive when she was forced to cancel a gig in Belgium due to extreme exhaustion and dehydration. Since then, her rep has been forced to deny the claims and she recently backed them up by posing a snap on her Tumblr page where she was clearly enjoying a large glass of red wine.

But for any of you hoping for a last-minute glimmer of Ba-Bey number two on the way, we’re sad to say, judging by this snap, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Beyonce’s one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy is cute enough to keep us occupied for the time being anyway!

By Lydia Southern

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